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Company Profiles

Your company profile is your introduction to your clients. When you are applying as a vendor you need a company profile. Over the last couple of years we have realized the importance of a company profile and we have found that this is one of the first things on a start up business’s list of requirements.

A company profile is going to be your brochure to your market. Everything that they need to know about you in a booklet. Pdf.

Our company profiles are well designed and written, we ensure that your message is carried accross and that it is pleasing to the eye when opened. Our company profile is priced at only R1290.

This will give you the PDF version of your company profile, which you can send to email recipients, print out for your staff and much more.

And then 2020 happened, and we realized that you need EVERYTHING digital. Thereby creating the first in it’s form, an online company profile which is literally a link you can send to people.

The online version of your company profile includes social media links, video embedded content and it even flips like a book.

Now u can have your company profile digital at only R300 added, the hosting is R49 monthly, this version is going to have people talking about your business which is exactly what you want.

We got you, digital life has never been this easy. So go ahead and contact us, we know you want to.

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